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Video Content Marketing

What is video content marketing?

Video content marketing is an entirely different ball game. It is how you want your videos to engage with your audience. It's strategic video advertising campaigns that integrate videos with your marketing strategy to persuade audiences and help sales skyrocket. It entails creating useful video content that your audience is interested in. This is what we do best, so let us show you how we do it.

Video Content Strategy



Content Repurposing

Social Media Marketing

A strategy is a well thought-out plan. It is a blueprint for creating effective video content at every stage of the funnel, guided by extensive research of your business, brand goals, market and target audience.

Video SEO is crucial if you want to establish your business through brand awareness. Here, we’ll help you optimize your video content keywords to rank well across Google and YouTube.

We believe in being efficient with content. At Rumah-media, we plan long-term how your videos can be repurposed, either by turning it into transcripts, branded graphics and so much more.

Video is very effective on social media. Studies show that videos have more engagements and interactions with its audience than pictures. We’ll help edit your video into shorter, effective snippets, ideal for sharing on social media.


What is strategy? Strategy is how you make sure your video connects with the right audience. If you intend on spreading a message or persuading prospective customers into action, video is the most powerful methods of doing so. However, get this; it’s also one of the trickiest.


Why? This is due to the large amount of video content out there. You need a video that’s well targeted and hypnotizes your audience in a way they can’t ignore. In other words, you need a video that’s relevant to your audience. This is only possible thorough extensive research and proper planning. Don’t leave anything to chance. Our effective strategies help you hit your targets repeatedly.


Engage, inspire and influence your audience with creative videos that get results

Videos are the best way to pass a message across and get people’s attention, as long as it is it’s mind-blowing and instantly connects with them emotionally.

However, producing a video that actually influences an audience’s behavior and compels them to act is not easy. To do so, you must first understanding how the audience thinks to strategically construct content and use creative techniques in the video production process. At Rumah-media, that's what we do.

Promotional Videos

Advertise your brand, products or services through short, but efficient clips. We’ll create promotional videos that will engage your audiences and drive sales through the roof.

Internal Communications Videos

Create a standard for your company staff to model after. Achieve this by creating videos that engage and inspire your teams, thereby sculpting good company-wide behavior.

Content Marketing Videos

Join in the creation of videos for the aim of sharing to engaging audiences. Do this, and watch as these videos compel them to act.

Corporate Videos

Create creative videos that tells your business and what it stands for. We’ll help you create engaging videos that help your business achieve its marketing goals.

Sales Conversion Videos

Your products need to sell! To do this, your videos must be highly converting. Sell the benefits of your product or service and turn leads into return customers.

Training Videos

Show them how work is done in your company or organization. Teach and inform your staff on codes and ethics of your company’s work environment, and how daily activities are carried out.

Our video productions vary according to campaign and budget. However, they follow this standard framework :

Audiences connect much better with videos that have a clear narrative structure. Before we go into the execution of the creative idea, we think about the journey the video needs to take, from start to finish.

Once extensive research is done, it’s up to our creative team to decide the concept behind the content; the big idea that brings it all to life on screen. We use our knowledge gathered on your audience, marketing and branding to reinforce your messages and its positioning.

Our producers create a compelling story and script, cast it, find the right locations and film the shoot using proven techniques and the best equipment.

After all’s been done, it’s over to our expert post-production team to unlock the full potential of footage and add finishing touches to your video. It’s like doing makeup. Our team also uses its expertise in animation and motion graphics to illustrate complex ideas and liven up data.


Creative Ideas


(live action and/or animation)


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