This is the bread and butter of our Industry. Our Production team will execute any requirement demanded by the script. Put them in the field, put them in a conference hall, in a dinner with a crocodile, erupting volcano, or even a battlefield; we will shoot you the required footage in style. From a two-man crew to a full-pledged film production, we can provide you with the efficient marriage of men and equipment.

No footage survives the blade of an editor. This department will take care of every frame taken by the production team. With care, we will unlock the full potential of your footage. Compositing scenes, pictures, music, voice-overs and pretty much everything you can throw at them in a timely order to piece together a story; your story. We provide full post-production services, not just editing. We are also here to help you get the most value out of creative development.





They say they want graphic, the other say they want it moving. We say give it to our motion graphic designers where they can best craft a complex orchestra of moving pixels that both flashy and subtle at the same time. These are the people who can convince you that a still images are actually have movement and balance. The very same people who can animate a stunning graphic. Your graphic.


Sometimes there is no actor can describe the desired character, no set location can represent the imagined space. Well, we have animators that can create that from scratch. From simple 2D animation to complex 3D animation, we continue to learn and develop this pipeline, from sketches to network rendering.

so, if you are eager to make your imagination in a visual medium, we will be very happy to learn and work together to make it happen.

Even if your video production isn’t fully animated, adding a graphics package or a few animated elements in post-production can add production value and professionalism to your video. There are also some unique benefits of animated visual and special effects that can’t be accomplished with traditional video production methods.



At Rumah-media, our creative team is our biggest weapon. They use years of gathered experience and knowledge to make your messages creative, simple and convincing. They make sure your video is persuasive to drive action. When our team of experts handles your message, you get measurable results and solutions to problems. Here, we strive to create clear, focused and converting messages for your audience, so that they easily understand your message and act on it swiftly.

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