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At Rumah-media, we believe your video should deliver effective results. We create videos that engage, influence and compel people to action by using effective strategies and proper knowledge of your audience.


An effective video is a video that entangles and captures its audience in its webs, thereby driving action. We create well-targeted video strategies to ensure that your video communicates and interacts well with the right audience, the right way.


At Rumah-media, it’s not just business as usual. We develop collaborative relationships with our clients by continually working together, challenging and pushing ourselves to do better.

An Effective video always has an SPM





An effective strategy is the brainbox of every successful video project. We'll design your video strategy with the right audience targeting and message tactics to achieve your goals.


At Rumah-media, we sculpt your video to your exact specifications. We have a creative approach to researching, script writing and storyboard creation.


For your video to be successful, it needs to be viewed, not just seen. This is just the beginning. The main aim of your video is to get conversions. We’ll help you get your video content to the right audience, still at a reasonable budget.

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