a glimpse of history

Rumah-Media began as a sole-proprietary company in Singapore. Young, energetic, creative and full of confidence, the SOHO Company started taking orders since November 2007 with focus on video post-production and motion graphic. Collaborating with bigger production houses has gained Rumah-Media the experience and clientele beyond the Singapore market.

In Fact, the first official job was coming from a London-based film production company.

Over the course of one year, Rumah-Media has taken many sub-contracted jobs with major clientele such as Singapore Sports Council, Singapore Tourism Board, Zouk Club, St. James

Entertainment Complex, Media Corp and BMW Asia.

The experience also entailed projects involving several countries around South East Asia region, Southern Asia region, Australia, Korea and China.

Be it video production, post-production or both, these projects have broaden Rumah-Media’s scope of view.

During mid-2008, Rumah-Media collaborated with PT. Matrixindo Intermedia to explore the Indonesian market and expand its services to Photography, Web and Interactive Solutions. This partnership proved to be priceless during the 2008 economic crisis, when Rumah-media had to focus on either Singapore or Indonesia.

Today, Rumah-Media is an Indonesian company under PT. Rumah Media Interaksi with strong affiliated links to partners and clients from Singapore, providing complete set of media solutions. A custom-tailored production that best suits your need, our service span covers pre-production planning and conceptualizing to post-production processing and delivery system.

Be it visual, audio, or interactive, the medium is yours.

Our resource pool granted us to service corporate clients, other media producers and general consumers alike. Some of the implemented products that we are able to produce are videography, motion graphic, photography, graphic design, audio design, interactive content and web development.



Rumah-Media did not just start. We’ve been in this industry for over a decade and have produced many creative videos. You don’t just want a video production company. After all, there are so many out there. What your business needs is a creative video production agency, which is very hard to find. Why is this so? A regular video production company will make you a video, but it won’t make you a video that best solves your problems. Such video will not give you the results your business need.

To be honest, no one will even notice it. However, you’re lucky because you’ve found us. At Rumah-media, everything we do is built on ideas. It’s these ideas that constantly take our video productions to completely new levels.

You need someone else to tell your story because you’re the expert in your field and no one understands your story better than you. You will most likely ignore important background details that your audience looks out for.

We’re the video marketing experts, knowing all the strengths and pitfalls to avoid. Rumah-media helps you tell targeted stories that get results. Tell us your story, and let us help you sell it to your audience.

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